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About Me

Mittal says, "I believe in a natural approach to skincare and a healthy lifestyle. I have always been attracted to skincare ranges; it has always been an area of interest. I studied to become a fashion designer but after working in the field for some time I decided to pursue a career in beauty therapy. I love providing my clients with exceptional tailor made treatments and making them feel relaxed and more rejuvenated!

I qualified as a beauty therapist from London College of Beauty Therapy in 2008. Since then I have provided many treatments and decided to launch my own business in 2012. Throughout my learning journey I trained to become a Pranic healer and did various other massage courses and my journey in natural health, beauty and tranquillity continues......."

Take care,


Journey toward wellness; create positive ideas, live a spiritual life and your loving guardian angels will guide you to a place of beauty and bliss. If we listen to the divine messages of our souls we can attain true freedom and happiness. Life is a participatory prayer and by infusing joy and purpose into our thoughts and dreams we initiate a celebration of love and light. Let love be your prayer.

Micheal Teal

Source: Micheal Teal - Poet, Philosopher